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For more about the amazing Future Library project go here. The book has been enthusiastically received and reviewed and this will be an opportunity for all to peek behind the curtains of its making. For more information and a link to the box office go here. See you there! Book here. Tickets are sold here. We bring together students, academics and writers working for the human right to freedom of expression, and for the free movement of ideas and literature. The fair starts on the 12th of May and ends on the 15th. For the full program go here.

It is in Czech but Google translate does the trick. How much immigration can culture handle, and how much does it need? What happens when language is left behind in flight? Click here for the whole program. The forum deals with how literatures written in languages spoken by few can reach the world. Here are two more pictures that prove it. May you all be blessed with peace and prosperity in the year!

Translation by Rory McTurk. Go for the full program here.

This is a small and intimate room and first come, first seated for each event. Plus you can find more details, and some bonus material from the issue over at the Structo home page. Three hundred authors — from the Bay Area and beyond — have signed on to be a part of the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival , which runs June in Berkeley. And it is free! The Solothurn event is a part of the Solothurner Literaturtage on the 15th of May and all the information is to be found here. See here for dates and tickets. From there it will travel to Stockholm for one show at the Kulturhuset on the 14th of March.

For tickets in Bergen go here , for Stockholm go here. Go here for more information about the exhibition and here for the catalogue. This beautiful little edition is limited to , stamped and numbered copies.

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And you should consider subscribing to the magazine itself. It is edited and founded by the original bookslut, Jessa Crispin. Go here for the English and here for the German. Photo by Mary Miller.

Its world premiere will take place at the Borealis festival in Bergen, Norway, on the 11th of March, This year the Nordic countries are in focus. For more information in Bulgarian go here.

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Video of the performance is coming soon. Until then enjoy the English translation of finnagaldur by David McDuff. So, if you are in Calgary, Winnipeg or Vancouver on any of the given days you can check out some of the evens listed below. Monday, October 20, 7 p.

Brontëana VIII (De Leo-Brontë Literary Prize ) ~ BrontëBlog

Sit back, sip on chilled wine and be entertained by tall tales and true. Go here for information in Swedish. Last week he was the guest of Louisiana Literature in Denmark where he shared the stage with Margaret Atwood in a discussion about sci-fi movies, myths, gene splicing and more.


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All are seen in the picture from the workshop along with the stage direction assistant Jean-Francois Kessler. Premier will be at the festival in July Skugga-Baldur has now been published in 14 of the 16 major literary languages with Japanese and Hebrew on the horizon. For the whole program go here. Go to the festival website for more information.

Read it here. Sunday, May 04, , pm Frederick P. Moonstone has been a runaway success in Iceland in terms of sales and reviews, it will be published in Danish and Finnish in March and Swedish in the autumn. The English, German and French translations are due in Time and place can be seen here.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7), by John Addington Symonds

The Icelandic cover text says:. The year is and from Reykjavik the erupting volcano Katla can be seen coloring the sky night and day. Life in the small capital carries on as usual despite the natural disaster, shortage of coals and the Great War that still rages in the big world. Asleep he dreams the pictures in variations where the tapestry of events is threaded with strands from his own life. Awake he lives on the outskirts of society. The shadows of existence deepen. A chilling draught blows between worlds in a place where life and death, reality and imagination, secrets and revelations jostle for dominance.

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And to the pleasure of his editor at FSG it resulted in some nice interviews on top of the good reviews that followed the release of the three books. Musical intervention by the Redwood Plan. See more here. Talk moderated by Hari Kunzru. A marine fable of rare beauty and originality Two excellent reviews of The Whispering Muse have appeared this month. Adamek attempts to fly. Open daily What constitutes good pizza? When the pizza does not sit in a dough ball in your stomach after you eat it - that's good pizza.

Here are some of the best Trastevere restaurants where you can get superb pizza:. Proloco Trastevere is more than a pizzeria, it's a wonderful experience for savoring quality products from Lazio the region of Italy that Rome is in. You don't even need to have pizza here. You can have cold cuts, pasta, Roman meaty dishes, and plenty of veggies.

Although when you get that, you will also get some pizza bianca to go with. It's perfectly burnt, salty, and drizzled with crisp olive oil. Heaven all by itself! Open daily 11am—1am. Closed Tuesdays. La Fraschetta is another one of the Trastevere restaurants that serves up hearty Roman cuisine but also has a pizza oven.